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Self Storage has become more and more popular in the UK as people are using it to store items if they are moving house or renovating an existing property.

We also offer storage for small business requiring additional storage space for a period of time, maybe because of peaks and troughs in sales of certain items.

We offer a free local collection and delivery service and offer storage from as cheap just £1 per week with no deposit to pay. For information regarding self storage in New Mills please contact one of our customer service advisors on 0161 304 5695

New Mills in Derbyshire

With a population of approximately 10,000 people the town of New Mills which is located in Derbyshire. Standing proud above the Torrs it is situated at the Northwest side of the Peak District. Over years gone by New Mills has been famed for coal mining, cotton spinning, bleaching and then latterly printing. Coal mining was the first industry the town became known for with around 40 small pits and mines exploiting the yard seam. The town then moved towards the cotton spinning industry due to the climate, the good construction stone but most importantly the availability of good land near fast flowing water.

Folk tales of New Mills

Today the industrial mills have all closed and the towns largest employer is Swizzels Maltlow who make sweets for children including Love Hearts and Refreshers. One of the folk tales of New Mills is that the children use to test any new sweet flavours before they were sold to see if they would be popular. There is also believed to be evidence of iron working ironstone was found in the shale of the lower coal measures.

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