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Moving Made Easy

free self drive van rental for all customers

Why Use one of Our Vans? 

Booking a storage unit with us means you are automatically entitled to use one of our free self drive vans even if you are only storing for a few days. 

All of our vans are fully insured by Self Storage Tameside. 

Give us a call today to book your storage unit and arrange your free self drive van rental on 0161 464 0774 

    Getting your things from A to B doesn’t need to be a challenge. With Self Storage Tameside you can move your things into storage with ease by taking advantage of one of our free self-drive vans. 

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      One of the big challenges for people using self storage is how they are going to move their belongings into their new storage unit. At Self Storage Tameside we aim to make this as easy as possible for our customers so not only do we offer a free collection and removals service we can also provide a free self drive van to each and every one of our customers.

      Regardless of how long you are storing from, be it a few weeks or a few years, all of our customers can take advantage of our free van rental to move in with ease.

      Using one of our self drive vans lets our customers cut back on numerous car journeys to move in and can also help them save on a removal company if they don’t take advantage of our free collection and removal service.

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      Free Self Drive Van Hire
      self storage from £1 per week
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      Save up to 50% on first 9 weeks
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      we've got you covered 


      We have a massive range of services, promotions, and extras to make your time storing with us the cheapest and best storage experience in the Manchester area!

      Free Collection and Removals

      Book your storage and get access to our free collection & removals service. Our service includes the carrying of furniture and other items to the removal van, driving to our Manchester storage facility, unloading the van and loading your storage unit. 

      Free Packing Boxes

      Unlike some storage companies, we will supply you with Unlimited FREE Packing Boxes for all our customers. Our competitors charge between £2 and £5 per box!

      We also stock mattress covers, sofa and armchair covers, bubble wrap, tape and all other packing supplies that may be required.

      Storage Insurance

      Enquire to find out how our Storage Insurance offer works.

      Unlike other self storage companies, we don't force you to pay for expensive, compulsory insurance which often doubles the cost that you pay for your storage.

      Ground floor Storage

      Most of our storage units are situated on the ground floor so there are no lengthy waits for lifts nor the need to carry heavy, bulky items upstairs.

      Unlike some of our competitors', we won't charge any extra to store in a ground floor storage unit

      Packing Service

      We can arrange a full packing service to aid you in your moving and storage

      For more information on our packing service, call us now on: 0161 304 5695

      Your Storage Unit And Key

      When renting storage space from Self Storage Tameside your storage unit will be securely locked so that you are the sole key-holder.

      Our site is fully secured with 300+ CCTV cameras and a state of the art red care alarm system so can rest assured when stored with us, your belongings have never been safer. 

      Modern, Secure & Dry Storage

      We provide modern, secure and dry storage space to help our customers store with confidence. Our storage units are modern metal storage units inside our safe and secure facility. You can find out exactly what our facility looks like by heading over to our site gallery. 

      Free Van Rental

      When you book a storage unit with us you automatically become entitled to use one of our free self drive vans to help move your goods into storage.

      Our free van offer can be used for customers storing from only 1 week, meaning we don't limit this offer only to customers storing for long periods.

      Free Forklift Truck

      We can provide a forklift stacker truck and driver free of charge to make access easy to your secure storage. You can easily drive in and unload your goods using our supplied trolleys and pallet trucks.

      Waiting around for couriers?

      All our customers can take advantage of our FREE Receipt & Dispatch service.

      Free Parking

      Free parking is available at Self Storage Tameside to all our customers accessing their storage units or whilst using our free self drive vans. 

      Caravan and Trailer Storage

      If you need to store your caravan or trailer in a locked, secure fenced compound with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, check out our caravan storage in Tameside from just £10 per week!.

      No Deposit

      Unlike some storage companies, we won't ask our customers to pay an expensive upfront deposit. Our customers can simply show up and start paying weekly. 

      Get your free storage quote!     Call us now on: 0161 304 5695

      Storage Types

      storage for all occasions

      No matter what kind of storage you need we can help. 

      Home Storage Icon


      Our home storage services are perfect for anyone looking to move house, renovate & decorate or to just free up some space around the house. 

      We offer a large range of modern, undercover storage units which are fully secure with over 200 CCTV cameras and a BT RedCare alarm system.

      Business Storage Icon


      We have dedicated Business Storage solutions to help your business store for less and save money. Our storage units are great for storing excess inventory, stock for e-commerce and much, much more! 

      Our business services include office space rental, free receipt and dispatch and archive and document storage

      Student Storage Icon


      The place to come for all your student storage needs. 

      • Collection direct from your room 
      • Return Delivery Available
      • Free Packing Boxes 
      • Bring your items in yourself and store from just £6 per week 
      • Refer a friend and save a further £5 on your storage
      Caravan Storage Icon


      If you need caravan storage Self Storage Tameside provide dedicated, safe and secure caravan storage that won't break the bank. 

      If you want caravan or motorhome storage that is convenient and easy with access 7 days a week then give us a call. Our facility is secured with security fencing and over 200 CCTV cameras

      self storage from £1 per week
      2 1
      Save up to 50% on first 9 weeks
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      Get your free storage quote!     Call us now on: 0161 304 5695

      Dedicated self storage services

      storage in 3 simple steps

      Storage Made Easy With Our 3 Step Storage Process.

      call us for a quote

      Our team of friendly advisers are on hand 7 days a week to help you find the best deal. With over 10 years experience in helping people store for less our team will help to ensure you choose the right sized storage unit for your belongings. We make sure you won't pay for excess storage space you don't need. Give us a call on 0161 304 5695 today to arrange your storage.

      packing & moving

      Don't struggle with packing and moving. We have a range of services to help you from unlimited free packing boxes to free collection and removals. In addition to this all of our customers have access to a free self drive van to help make your move even easier. As well as our unlimited free boxes we also stock mattress covers, padlocks, sofa and armchair covers, bubble wrap, tape, and other supplies! 

      moving in & locking up

      Simply come along to our reception area and we will show you to a selection of storage rooms. Once you pick the one you want you can move in and take advantage of our free trolley and pallet trucks. Once you lock up you'll be the only key holder, safe in the knowledge your belongings are protected by over 200 CCTV Cameras, a fully monitored RedCare Alarm system and high security fencing

      Get your free storage quote!     Call us now on: 0161 304 5695

      Cheap Storage Space

      How much storage space do you need?

      It can be hard to picture when packing up your house, business or sorting your items for storage on just how much space you might actually need.

      Our easy to use storage estimator can take some of the stress out of this by giving you a handy indicator of the quantity of items that you could fit within our range of storage units.

      However if you are still unsure about what size storage you require then call us on 0161 304 5695

      Our friendly, experienced staff are always available to assist you and to offer tips on how to optimise the space and to discuss your requirements in detail so that you get the rights size storage unit for your needs.

      You can make the final decision on what size storage units suits you when you arrive at our storage facility. Or you are welcome to visit our storage facility prior to moving in - our staff would be happy to walk you through the various size storage units available in our modern indoor facility.

      Our storage units can be rented by the week and you can increase or decrease the size of space if your needs change so you’ll never pay for more storage than you need.

      Remember as well as ensuring you get the right size storage at the cheapest price possible we can also provide free collections, free self drive van hire as well as an unlimited supply of free boxes.

      Get your free storage quote!     Call us now on: 0161 304 5695

      Take a look at our storage units

      Self storage Gallery

      Choosing to store with us means choosing high quality, modern undercover storage units for the cheapest prices in the Manchester area. All of our storage units are safe and secure and can be secured with a padlock meaning you are the only person that will have access to your unit. With over 100,000 SQFT of storage space we have plenty of different sizes from small lockers right up to 400 SQFT storage units. All of our storage units are kept safe and secure with over 200CCTV cameras and a 24/7 alarm system. No matter what your storage needs our dedicated storage advisors can help you 7 days a week

      Get your free storage quote!     Call us now on: 0161 304 5695