Firstly we would like to acknowledge the distress and anguish caused by the events of Sunday and our thoughts are with each and every one of our customers who have received news over the last couple of days of damage or loss of their belongings and treasured memories.

The Self Storage Association has kindly provided support in delivering updates to customers online to provide an extra level of communication and information on top of our daily updates, emails and phone calls and we would like to extend our gratitude to them for doing so.

We understand that the uncertainty around the condition of your belongings is causing a great deal of stress and anxiety for many of you which is why our efforts have been concentrated on contacting each and every one of our customers via email and phone. We are aware that the initial emails we sent out came across impersonal and would like to apologies for that, we were acting on advice given from insurers as well as trying to update as many people as possible in a short space of time with limited resources.

Understandably from these updates a lot of questions are being asked as to the next steps regarding visiting the site as well as insurance and the initial cause of the fire. Please be assured that it is not our intention to leave anybody in the dark regarding these issues however we are a small team with only a handful of staff currently contacting hundreds of customers and our priority has been the initial updates on the condition of individual units.

Once we have updated each customer on the condition of their units our team will focus their attention on addressing your concerns in relation to the other points mentioned above with the intention of reducing much of the ongoing (and understandable) uncertainty, frustration and anxiety.

In an effort to address some of the most frequently requested information we have compiled a section down below that aims to answer some of your most commonly asked questions:

When will all customers be contacted?

We were hoping to have access to all units so we could give customers more detailed information on their goods. At this time we still do not have access to the entire site, so today we have sent emails to nearly all remaining customers, however, as some emails state we still don’t know the condition of their unit.  As soon as we have access to the remainder of the site we will update these customers further.


When can customers access the site?

Once the fire department and other authorities have deemed the site safe we will be contacting customers to make appointments to access the site and inspect their units.  We are doing what we can to expedite this, but there is work to be done on the site to make it safe and the power needs to be connected.


What was the cause of the fire?

The cause of the fire will not be known until the fire report is complete which is likely to be many days, possibly weeks away.   Based on the alarms that went off and the reports from staff it appears that it has started from an electrical fault.  Again, this is only supposition at this time and the fire report will provide more details.


How will my insurance claim be handled?

A dedicated team of claims handlers has been established for customers that took out insurance so that claims can be handled as soon as possible.


How can I contact you?

Our phone lines are open however due to the large number of calls it may not always be possible to talk to a member of our team. For an update on the condition of your unit, we ask that you wait for an email if possible as our team are prioritising this. In addition to that, we are regularly updating our website as more information becomes available.


How do I know if I have insurance?

Information regarding insurance cover would have been stated on your initial agreement and you will receive a letter shortly from the insurer with the next steps.