Please be assured that we are in the process of contacting all of our customers however due to the restricted access to our site and current lack of electricity our Administration Team have had to establish a temporary office nearby (which has involved setting up new phone lines and IT equipment) this unfortunately has caused us a delay in updating customers both affected and unaffected by Sunday’s fire.

As some customers will be aware, we began the process of contacting customers via email yesterday to inform them on the condition of their units, we will continue to send out these emails as the information becomes available to us for both damaged and undamaged units.

In addition to the email updates, our phone lines are now re-opened and we are actively accepting phone calls from customers, however due to the large number of expected calls we will not be able to answer every call right away and appreciate your patience as we process the calls.

We would like to remind customers that due to restrictions from the Fire Service and ongoing safety concerns that no one is allowed to access our site apart from our staff and that whilst we have some access this is limited and we are unable to get to all parts of the site.

The Fire Service and insurance provider are in the process of conducting a full investigation into the events that lead up to Sunday’s fire and we hope to be able to update you on their findings as soon as they become available to us.

We would once again like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding and assure you that our team are doing everything they can to provide accurate and timely updates to each and every one of our customers.