Please find below our latest customer update as of 03/03/2021 @ 10:30: 

Following the fire, we are working hard to get access to the site for customers, but at this time there is still no customer access to the site and no customers have been allowed on site. However, we are contacting a small number of customers requesting permission to open units where there has been possible water damage to assess the situation. This is being done as we gain access to parts of the building not damaged by the fire.

The clean-up of the destroyed building is scheduled to commence today. Once this is complete, we will be able to assess the parts of the adjoining building that are so far inaccessible and complete a structural review of the building to determine the best means of salvaging goods there.

Power has been restored to the building which was to the left of the gate as you entered the site. This is the area that was not directly impacted by the fire and is another step closer to allowing customer access. We are hopeful that the first customers will be allowed on this part of the site later this week but there are still safety and security issues to be resolved so a firm date cannot be given at this point.

Customer access will be on an appointment-only basis and we will contact customers to make appointments. Priority will be given to those units that are most easily accessible by customers from a safety perspective.

The site remains under 24-hour security and all staff and contractors entering the site must go through a sign-in process, as will customers when they are given access. Please do not attend the site unless you are given an appointment time to do so as you will not be permitted access. This is so the safety of all people on site can be managed.

Our priority is to give customers access as soon as possible, and in the meantime, we are doing all we can to minimise any possible water damage to customers goods.